Top 10 Programming Languages June 2019 in India

Top Programming Languages 2019 in India

Here we introduce Top 10 Programming language in India so you can learn According to you these languages are more popular in the market and for your career.

  1. JavaScript

  2. Python

  3. C#

  4. Java

  5. PHP

  6. C & C++

  7. Swift

  8. Go

  9. Rust

  10. Kotlin

This post was not based on my opinion. I researched a lot about it and then I came up with these top 10 programming languages to learn in 2019.



Currently, JavaScript is the most popular language used in so many sectors like Machine learning, Data Science and Development Purpose and also use by the scientist, etc. I know python is also able to do this thing but it takes time to replace because developers are working on javascript already.

and if we summarize then maybe in future python will replace JavaScript but in the current scenario, javascript is a more popular language and there are lots of jobs available on javascript in the current market.


If we are talking about python then we already know python is rapidly growing in the market as well as in another sector to so in future we maybe python is Top language because it’s growing exponentially.


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