How to install WordPress in cPanel | Step by Step | Shoutcoder

How to Install WordPress in cPanel

  1. Check whether you have pointed your domain and added your domain to our server.
  2. Visit and login to your cPanel.
  3. Search “Softaculous” and then an app installer will be visible. Click it
  4. Search for WordPress and install it by clicking “install now”.
  5. Enter Required information (Site name, description) and click next.
  6. Your installation will began and after a successful installation, you can copy your important information from the note provided. What information has to be checked while installation?
  7. Check Administrator‘s login details and edit them before installation so that you can be logged in. (Choose good password)
  8. Check the Site name and it’s description well.
  9. Choose Protocol (For SSL Certificate)
  10. Check the directory well where you want to install WordPress. (Suppose if you need to install WordPress on then leave directory option empty and if you need to install on then enter shoutcoder in the directory option) Rest of the things can be ignored as you can edit in admin panel easily after logging in